Upper Orwell Crossing Comment Residents Male 55-64

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Respondent ID:4907953285 (Collector: 87370504)
Date of feedback:12/08/2016 - 12/08/2016
A resident:Yes
A worker:No
A business owner:No
A land owner:No
Organisation:No - Individual.
Gender and Age Group:Male / 55-64
How did you hear about the consultation? Word of mouth

How important do you think the following benefits of the crossings are for Suffolk?

  1. The redevelopment of the island as an area for high tech investment and enterprise
  2. Continued investment in the Waterfront, Marina and the Port
  3. The regeneration of the southern section of the town including business investment, housing development and community services
  4. Less congestion in Ipswich and on the A14 and improved journey times
  5. Increased connectivity between the southeast and southwest of Ipswich
  6. More route options and improving safety for walking and cycling
Island Site:Not important
Ipswich Waterfront Investment:Not important
Regeneration:Not important
A14 and Ipswich congestion:Not important
South East and South West connectivity:Not important
Rat-run Route Options and Safety:Not important

Which of the following impacts are important in determining your support for the crossings?

Ipswich Ltd note: We notice no option for air pollution

Visual appearance/design quality:
Land use and/or property:
Disruption during construction:
Other (please specify):I do not support the crossings!

The crossings would deliver reductions in traffic on many local roads; however it is likely that some local roads surrounding the crossings would experience an increase in traffic. In priority order, please choose the three issues that would concern you the most if traffic increased on your road.

Biggest concern:
Second biggest concern:
Third biggest concern:

Now choose the three traffic management measures you think we should consider to manage the potential impacts of traffic increases if they were to occur on your road.

Most important:
Second most important:
Third most important:

East to West travel

  • How often do you currently travel between the east and west of Ipswich?
  • How do you most commonly currently travel between the east and west of Ipswich?
  • What is the main reason you currently travel between the east and west of Ipswich?
  • Which of the following statements best describe your current travel between the east and west of Ipswich?
  • Would you like to be added to our consultation database to be updated about the project and future opportunities to have your say?
How often East-West travel:Never
Method of Transport:
Main reason of travel:
Current travel experience:
Keep me updated:Yes / Agree to continue with survey

Do you have any further comments or concerns about the location and/or operation of the crossings?

Comments:This hair brained scheme may satisfy objective 1 but the sole beneficiary will be ABP who own the land. The scheme fails to satisfy option 2 and the preferred option will kill the waterfront. Fixed mast yachts currently have unrestricted access to the marinas in the wet dock. Your web site states: The opening section of the bridge would only need to open for the taller vessels, and these could be grouped together and sent through in a platoon. The bridge opening could be constrained to outside of peak periods and to be relatively infrequent. This is both impractical and totally unacceptable. Fixed mast yachts and larger motor boats will re-locate and I will be amongst the first. Money will not therefore be spent in local restaurants and shops. Your proposal also completely fails in respect of objective 4. The Orwell bridge was built to relieve the centre of Ipswich by keeping cars and HGVs on the A14. It seems you now wish to divert them into the centre if the town to relieve the bridge. Complete madness.
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